The Best Anti-Theft Money Belts & Fanny Packs 2023

Best Money Belts & Fanny Packs for Travel

Thinking about getting a travel waist pouch to keep your money secure on your next trip? From money belts to fanny packs (or belt bags, bum bags, whatever you call them!), we’ve got a roundup of the best secure waist packs for travel in 2023!

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The Best Travel Money Belts

Peak Travel RFID Blocking Money Belt

Peak Travel RFID Blocking Money Belt

Includes $250 Theft Protection

Peak’s money belt offers almost all the features you could ask for, plus some cool extras!

Their secure money belt includes built in RFID blocking, nice organization, a soft waistband, water resistant nylon, and moisture wicking backing.

Peak also includes $250 of theft protection, and two ReturnMe Global Recovery tags to assist in recovering your items if they’re lost. We fortunately haven’t had to test either of these perks, but they’re nice extras in a money belt that is already reasonably priced.

We like the slim design that doesn’t feel uncomfortable when sitting, but is large enough to hold a passport, cash, and then some. All of these features make it a travelers favorite.

Pacsafe Cashsafe Money Belt

pacsafe cash stash slim money belt

Most Secure Cash Stash

Pacsafe’s Cashsafe wallet is a cool option for guys (or even gals) who just want to carry cash, or need to hide a stash of emergency cash. While thieves might know to look for traditional money belts, very few will think to look inside your belt.

This money belt is also metal-free, so you won’t need to remove it for airport security. It is admittedly not the most stylish accessory, but will blend into many men’s outfits, and the belt fits waist sizes from 28 to 46 inches.

We love that you can carry fairly large amounts of cash undetectably, without any noticeable bulge in the belt. And if you’re looking for the most secure money belt, this type of design is one of the best out there.

For a dressier version, try this Atitlan Leather Belt, and ladies should check out this clever underwear with secret pockets, or Pacsafe’s bra pouch.

Zero Grid RFID Blocking Money Belt

zero grid rfid blocking money belt

Roomy But Slim Profile

Zero Grid’s RFID blocking money belt is another great option. It’s roomier than Peak’s belt above, but still designed to maintain a slim profile against your body.

The belt features lightweight, water resistant nylon, a soft elastic waistband, and a moisture wicking back.

The one complaint we have about this belt is the length. It’s likely to be fine for most people, but doesn’t seem to stretch as long as Zero Grid claims. While they say it fits waists up to 52″, ours didn’t stretch beyond 40″. We recommend this one for smaller waist sizes.

Flip Belt Money Belt

Slim and comfortable

We like Flip Belt’s money belt for its slim profile and comfy fit. With no buckles, there’s nothing to chafe, and it’s unobtrusive under clothing. Even worn over your clothing, it’s not easy to pry items out of the belt, or identify the openings.

The money belt also features a key hook and enough space to fit most smart phones.We love the slim design and wide range of color choices!

Pacsafe Coversafe Secret Waistband Pouch

pacsafe stash best hidden money belt

Thin & Easily Concealed

Pacsafe’s thin, lightweight money belt is easily concealed under clothing, and comfortable against your skin.

The waist pouch is machine washable, and also comes in black, so it’s not just for women by any means.

We love how comfortable this belt is compared to many of the larger belts made of stiffer nylon. Pacsafe is one of our favorite travel brands, and we’ve had no problems with this belt so far. However, the downside of the thin, unobtrusive elastic waist band may be long term durability. Honestly, for the price, we’d wouldn’t mind replacing this comfy belt after a year or two.

Because it’s less structured, you can’t pack this money belt full and expect it to lay as flat as others, but if comfort is your biggest concern, this might be the best money belt for you.

Lewis N Clark RFID Blocking Money Belt

best money belts for travel lewis n clark

Breathable & Moisture Wicking

Lewis N Clark’s secure money belt is another great option, with built-in RFID blocking, multiple compartments for organization, and breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.

We like the comfortable stretchy elastic waistband, and breathable, non-crinkly fabric. It’s a good size to carry a passport, money, and some extras, without bulging or being uncomfortable when sitting.

Our one caveat: because the fabric is designed to be breathable, it’s less water resistant than others, so rain or even heavy sweat may result in moisture inside your pack.

The Best Travel Fanny Packs

Monzoon Handmade Leather Fanny Pack

handmade leather fanny pack

Doubles as a Crossbody Bag

We’re smitten with this gorgeous handmade leather fanny pack from Etsy shop Monzoon!

Attractive fanny packs are hard to come by, but this beauty ticks all our boxes, from the roomy design, to the secure zipper closure hidden under the flap. The long adjustable strap adds versatility, so it’s easily worn as crossbody bag.

The high quality leather material and metal clip closure mean that it’s incredibly secure. No one will be unclipping, or cutting the bag strap without quite a bit of effort. It’s the perfect fanny pack for travelers who don’t want to sacrifice on style.

While my first impulse is always to look for handmade (and Etsy has some gems!), there’s no shortage of designer fanny packs out there right now. Bloomingdales has a nice variety of designer belt bags, if that’s more your speed.

When browsing designer belt bags just keep in mind things like secure closures, and avoid bags that scream “I have money.” While a Gucci logo print belt bag might be a little too conspicuous, something like this Saint Laurent bag will likely fly under the radar.

EGOGO Travel Sport Fanny Pack

egogo best fanny packs for travel

Roomy & Durable

EGOGO’s sporty fanny pack is water resistant, durable, and roomy enough to replace a purse. We’re also loving the variety of colors available.

The fanny pack features 3 compartments for organization, including a slim pouch at the back of the bag to securely store documents out of reach of thieves. It also has a nice strap extension length, up to 48″. There’s loops to tuck in any additional strap length, so they won’t hang down.

The pack doesn’t have RFID blocking tech, but if you like the look of it–or any other bag without RFID blocking–consider RIFD blocking sleeves for your passport and credit cards.

It is a large fanny pack, so the size may be unwieldy for some, but this is a pack to consider if you need to carry a lot.

Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack

travelon secure fanny pack

RFID Blocking, Slashproof & Locking Zippers

Travelon’s secure waist pack offers some of the best security features, as well as a sleek design that’s great for those not so keen on the “sporty” look of other fanny packs.

The pack features locking zippers, RFID blocking, slash-proof metal lined waist band, and great organization, while maintaining a slim profile.

We particularly like the built in wallet in the front, which allows for easy access to card and cash. Some other packs offer this, but not with a lockable zipper–which by the way, intentionally requires a bit of effort to unlock, ensuring that no one will unzip the bag without you noticing. Next to the Pacsafe bag below, it’s one of the best secure waist packs for travel.

Pacsafe Venturesafe 100 GII Anti-Theft Hip Pack

Pacsafe Venturesafe Fanny Pack

RFID Blocking, Slashproof & Locking Zippers

You might have noticed that we’re big fans of Pacsafe; this isn’t the first of their products to appear in this list. They make fantastic travel security products (one of our favorites is the Travelsafe Bag, which is an excellent solution for keeping things like laptops safe when staying in hostels or sketchy hotels).

So it’s no surprise that Pacsafe’s large fanny pack made it on this list. They make some of the highest quality secure travel accessories. It features security buckles, wire mesh embedded in the fabric and strap to make them slash-proof, RFID blocking in the main compartment, and a roomy but comfortable size.

We love that it’s a comfortable and well thought-out pack that maintains a relatively compact profile rather than bulging like some waist packs tend to. All the security features let us focus on exploring, which is the way it should be.


Are money belts really secure? Don’t thieves know to look for them? 

It’s true that money belts are no secret by now. But we still like to use money belts in certain travel situations, because they’re more secure than a wallet or purse.

While criminals might know to look for money belts, they’re still very difficult for pickpockets to access without you noticing, particularly if you wear your money belt under your shirt.

If you’re concerned about outright mugging, a traditional money belt might not be your best bet. We recommend the Pacsafe hidden money belt featured in the list above, as well as other concealed options, like scarves with hidden pockets, or Clever Travel’s hidden pocket clothing.

What does anti-theft mean? What distinguishes a regular fanny pack from an anti-theft one?

Secure fanny packs have features like lockable zippers, hidden pockets, slashproof straps, secure buckles and RFID blocking. Whereas money belts fit close to your body and are easy to conceal, fanny packs stick out and can be easier for thieves to access. At the very least, a pack with lockable zippers is a good investment.

Do I need RFID blocking technology in my money belt / fanny pack? 

That depends on what you’re carrying. Not all credit cards have RFID chips, and while there’s the occasional story about theft or accidental charges, the range of the chips really isn’t far.

When it comes to your passport however, it’s not a bad idea to use an RIFD blocking bag, wallet, or sleeve when you’re out and about with it. All US passports since 2006 include an RFID chip that transmits most of the personal information shown on the first page of your passport.

When possible, you should really leave your passport in the hotel safe. Taking your passport with you while you explore just opens you up to theft, accidental loss, or scams. If there isn’t a safe available, or your hotel is sketchy, it can be more secure to keep your passport with you, provided that it’s well hidden and RFID protected. You could also opt for a simple RFID blocking passport sleeve.

Are fanny packs back in style? Will I look like a dorky tourist wearing one? 

You’re in luck, because fanny packs are cool again! There’s plenty of stylish options available, and we’ve tried to highlight some of the best fanny packs that provide a good balance of style and security. It depends on where you’re traveling, but pickpockets are a scourge of so many cities, so the security of any bag you carry should be on your mind. We say that if it comes down to it, you’re better off looking like a tourist and keeping your valuables secure, than losing your wallet or passport from a fashionable bag.

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