The Best Little Black Travel Dresses 2022

Cute and Practical Little Black Travel Dresses

Searching for the perfect little black dress for travel? You’re not alone! We’ve scoured our favorite stores for the best examples of packable, versatile dresses, with picks for every budget. Here’s the best little black travel dresses for 2022:

Maxi & Midi Travel Dresses:

Maxi and midi length dresses are some of the most versatile for travel! They’ve got you (literally) covered in countries and situations where modesty is necessary, can easily go from day to night, and are super chic.

Sleeveless & Off Shoulder Travel Dresses:

Enjoy the sun on your shoulders and show off those toned arms with a cute sleeveless dress. We’ve chosen these for fabrics that are packable and wrinkle resistant.

Knee Length Travel Dresses:

Cute and kicky little black dresses to show off those gams and keep you cool in summer weather.

Winter Travel Dresses:

Stay warm and wrinkle free on your travels with these flattering winter dresses.

How to Choose a Travel Dress

What’s the best fabric for a travel dress? 

Generally synthetic blend fabrics make the best travel dresses, because they’re wrinkle and stain resistant. However, knit and sweater dresses from natural or synthetic fibers are amazing for travel in colder climates. Sweater dresses look chic, will keep you warm and cozy, and won’t wrinkle. Wool and cashmere are also naturally stain and water resistant (I mean, we’re talking small spills, not rainstorms or full glasses of wine).

What’s the best way to pack my travel dress? 

I find that rolling clothing is best for preventing wrinkles. First fold the sleeves (if any) over the body of the dress. Then carefully roll the dress into a smooth, compact bundle, starting at the neck and smoothing wrinkles as you go. Many travel dresses are wrinkle resistant, but even the best designed clothing can wrinkle if you just crumple it up, so careful packing is still necessary! If you do arrive with wrinkled/ creased clothing, you can often ease out the wrinkles by hanging the item in the bathroom while you take a nice hot, steamy shower.

How many travel dresses should I pack? How long can I stretch one dress over the course of a 5 (or 7, or 14!) day trip? 

There’s multiple things to consider here. The first is keeping you smelling fresh! You’ll be able to pack lighter if you’re able to wash items on the road, so be sure to take a look at our ideas for doing laundry while traveling, and also consider booking an Airbnb or other vacation rental with on-site laundry facilities.

You should also think about how versatile your travel dresses (and other clothing) are. I don’t mind being seen wearing the same couple of outfits all the time, but I do make sure to plan for weather and local customs. A longer midi to maxi dress might be more comfortable when the weather turns cooler in the evening. And when combined with a lightweight cardigan, it will satisfy requirements to be covered up when you’re visiting historic churches, for example.

If you’re planning on dining at a nice restaurant or two, you’ll also want to think consider a something that can easily be dressed up, or simply bring a second, more formal dress.

Ultimately it’s an individual decision. With access to laundry, you could potentially get away with packing just one dress. I’m prone to spilling food and drink on myself, so I usually make sure I have at least one backup or a dress that’s super versatile and easy to spot clean.

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