Best Packing Cubes 2017

Best Packing Cubes 2017

Here’s our picks for the best packing cubes! Hover on any of the images below to see details and shop, or scroll down for more detailed descriptions.

Most of these cubes are available in multiple colors, so be sure to click though to take a closer look on Amazon if you like the style but not the featured color.

Here’s our picks for the best packing cubes of 2017:

True to their name, the eBags Ultralight packing cubes are even lighter than the other eBags set on this list, in a more modern, streamlined design (they’re cubes in the photo at the very top of this article). The cubes also feature a mini frame design that helps them to stand up and keep their shape when packing.

All of these features make the Ultralight one of the best packing cubes around.


Attractive modern design, super light weight, and frame that helps the cubes to keep their shape.


We’re nitpicking here, but additional color choices (there’s currently just 4) would be nice.

Shacke Pak’s packing cubes are a great all around choice! They have awesome design and 8 color options, and the 4 cube set (plus handy laundry bag) should accommodate most travelers’ needs. The set is durable, well loved by reviewers, and one of the best packing cubes you can buy.


Cool design, plenty of color choices, high quality, and reasonable price.


The heavier duty fabric isn’t quite as lightweight as some of the other options, but this isn’t likely to be an issue for most people.

Flight 001’s Spacepak for undergarments is designed for just one thing; storing your unmentionables. The cube will hold up to two weeks of lingerie, socks and pajamas, and features a separate compartment for dirty laundry. One way air vents allow you to compress the cube for ultra compact packing.

They also offer quite a few other Spacepak designs for clothing and toiletries, with colors and prints geared towards men as well. The Spacepaks are at a higher price point, but are one of the best packing cubes if you want to splurge.


The stylish design and compression vents, both things you don’t see on the average packing cube.


The Spacepack is a little pricey for just one cube.

The best packing cubes for longer trips or overpackers (no judgement!), Rusoji’s 6 piece packing cube set is only slightly more than what you pay for most 3 piece cube sets. The diamond shape of the mesh panels is a cool design, and while they’re not quite as lightweight as some of the others on this list, the fabric is more durable than thin nylon.


Plenty of capacity for heavy packers (or sharing with a travel companion), and a surprisingly nice design for a value priced packing cube.


This is a common complaint from us, but we’d love more color choices.

Despite the goofy name, Hugesaving’s packing cube set has a lot to recommend it: they offer deeper than normal packing cube sizes, handy slim laundry and storage pouches, and a nice variety of color choices. And they’re half the price of many packing cube sets, making them our choice for best cheap packing cubes.


Cheap but attractive and versatile cubes that are easy to wash.


While most reviewers love these cubes, there are some complaints about quality control. Frankly, this is why we love shopping on Amazon; if you ever receive an item that’s defective, poor quality, etc, they’ll take it back (and pay for shipping) with no hassle.

This 4 piece packing cube set by Amazon Basics offers great features at a lower price point than many packing cubes. They’re lightweight, with mesh panels and carrying handles, and include a nice variety of sizes.


Value pricing with all the features found in most other packing cubes.


One reviewer complained about the red cubes’ color bleeding onto clothing.

Eagle Creek’s Pack It cube set may not be quite as lightweight as some of the other options, but it makes up for that in durability and ability to hold their shape. In addition to the useful mesh panels, these feature carrying handles, and are covered by a lifetime warranty.


The high quality and lifetime warranty.


Some more color choices would be nice.

eBags 3 piece packing cube set features lightweight design, great quality, and comes in a rainbow of color choices. Features include premium YKK zippers, mesh panels so you can easily see what’s inside, and a lifetime warranty.


High quality guaranteed by a lifetime warranty, and 10 color choices!


Don’t hold their shape well (a downside of lightweight design), so they’re less easy to pack than cubes that have built in structure.

For those who find that they never use all of the cubes in large sets, or only need to pack for shorter trips, these Travelon packing cubes are a great choice. The 3 piece set is lightweight, with handy see through mesh, and lightweight wire frame to hold their shape when packing.


They’re lightweight and attractive, and perfect for carry-ons.


Some don’t like the wire frame (though we think it’s nice to have a little structure in your packing cubes).

So yes, these are not strictly speaking, packing cubes. But if your cube set doesn’t come with a shoe sized cube (or that cube is too large to be practical for women’s shoes), you might want a shoe bag. Shoe bags like Flight 001’s Go Clean Heels bag set keep you shoes scuff free, and dirty soles away from your clean clothing.

Flight 001 offers a variety of shoe bags for men and women, so check out the entire selection if bright pink isn’t your color.


Simple, colorful, and functional, these keep everything clean and organized without wasting space.


As with other Flight 001 products, you’re paying for design, so they’re a tad pricey. See some of Amazon’s cheaper travel shoe bags here.

Again, these aren’t exactly what you might think of when you think packing cubes, but Eagle Creek’s Pack It Compression Sacs are fantastic space savers. The one way air vents allow for easy compression of bulky items like coats (and allow me to rationalize traveling with my pillow).


These are great space savers, and the multiple sizes let you compress even large coats.


The plastic slider that helps to zip the top of the sacs can easily slide off the end and get lost, an irritating design flaw. However, the bags still “zip” without the slider, you just need to press as you would with a ziploc bag.

After searching for ages, buying and discarding a dozen travel cosmetic bags, we finally discovered the Victorinox Muse.

It’s a bit of a hidden gem, because it doesn’t seem to be tagged or titled in a way that makes it easy to find when searching on Amazon.

If you’re a very light packer, this isn’t for you, but for those who need to pack skincare and cosmetics, plus shampoo and conditioner, there’s plenty of room.


The Muse holds a lot, while maintaining a slim profile, so it’s easy to fit in your suitcase.


It’s a bit of a splurge at around $50, and some additional color choices would be nice.

Why Do I Need Packing Cubes?

Not sold on the idea of packing cubes, or not sure why you’d want them? Here’s some reasons to use packing cubes:

They keep you organized! Rather than having everything floating around in your suitcase, packing cubes help your clothing to arrive organized and wrinkle free.

You’ll be able to find things more easily: Think of your cubes like dresser drawers at home.

Packing cubes protect your clothing from dirt – and help to quarantine your dirty laundry.

You’ll save space: Packing cubes let you compress more clothing into a smaller space.

Packing cubes make security easier: No one likes to think of the TSA rooting around in their bag, but it’s a fact of life when flying, and packing cubes will make it easier for TSA to search your bag without unfolding everything.

They make it easier to share a suitcase: With packing cubes to keep your belongings separate, you and your travel partner may be able to use just one suitcase.

Packing cubes are re-usable: Some travelers use ziploc bags to keep small items organized, but aren’t meant for that purpose, and won’t last as long as packing cubes.

They make a great pillow in a pinch! If you find yourself without a pillow, just grab a packing cube full of (clean) clothing.

How Do I Use Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes are incredibly easy to use! In fact, you’ll probably find it easier to pack with packing cubes compared to just a suitcase. However, there is a technique to optimal packing. 

Once you’ve organized to your heart’s content, separating, clothing, accessories, shoes and toiletries, it can be useful to throw in an empty packing cube to separate clean and dirty clothing. Some packing cube sets or suitcases includes laundry bags, which will work just as well.

Use common sense and keep toiletry items that can leak away from clothing. Most packing cubes aren’t watertight, so when it comes to liquids, it’s best to stick with bags (and bottles– see our picks here) made specifically for toiletries.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of packing, the consensus around here is that the rolling method is best. I like to fold clothing in half, then carefully roll each item tightly, smoothing out wrinkles as I go. This minimizes wrinkled clothing upon arrival, and saves space.

What Size Packing Cubes Should I Get?

When it comes to packing cube sizes, the choices can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

Most manufacturers offer a small, medium, and large size, though these aren’t standardized, so measurements differ. Fortunately, packing cubes generally come in sets, giving you a good variety that should cover most of your packing needs.

Think about what sizes will best fit in your bag, and accommodate the items you need to pack. For example, backpackers probably won’t have much use for a large size cube, while a traveler with bulky winter clothing may want to search out extra large cubes (or give Eagle Creek’s compression bags a try).

How Many Packing Cubes Should I Get?

Debating between that big packing cube set, and just a couple cubes? 

Most travelers are fine with 2-3 cubes, and I find that I rarely use all of the cubes in my 5 piece set, with the smallest cubes being used least often. I most frequently use the medium size, and the small rectangle that’s perfect for shoes.

However, your packing habits may be completely different. If you’re not sure how many cubes you might use, it can help to make a list, or even lay out everything you plan to pack.

It’s also worth noting that returns on Amazon are incredibly easy, so if a packing cube set isn’t what you expected, just send it back.

Are Packing Cubes Worth the Money?

Are packing cubes really worth the money? 

We’re not here for the hard sell, this is totally up to you.

Packing cube sets can be pricey, but we’ve tried to include a good variety of packing cubes on this list. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a packing cube set that works for you.

I get great satisfaction out of organization, so I’d consider my eBags Ultralight packing cubes worth every penny even if I only took one trip a year.

Others who are ok with a bit of messiness might not see the point of packing cubes. If none of the points on the “Why Do I Need Packing Cubes” list appeal to you, that’s ok. Nothing terrible will happen if you travel without packing cubes.

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