Review: Beek Arch Support Sandals & Shoes

Beek's beautiful, high quality sandals are worth the hefty price tag if you need arch support. A couple caveats, though: you'll feel the support more in the simple molded leather soles, and I'll still stick with my Birkenstocks for long days of walking.


Beek Shoes

Beek Sandals Review

When I first heard about Beek sandals, my interest was piqued! It’s so difficult to find non-clunky shoes and sandals that offer significant arch support. I do adore my Birkenstocks, but the promise of a more streamlined, fashionable sandal demanded further investigation.

What are Beek Sandals?

Beek makes sandals and shoes with molded leather arch-supporting footbed. Their sandals are 100% leather, and their shoes are equally high quality. Where a lot of even designer minimalist sandals are completely flat, Beek is fairly unique in offering arch support in their sandals. (see this post for even more fashionable shoes with arch support)

Beek Shoes First Impressions & Quality

I ended up ordering a total of four pairs of Beeks shoes and sandals: two pairs of slides (the Sandpiper, and a since discontinued style that’s similar to the Siskin), one pair of sandals (also a style that’s no longer available), and one pair of boots (the Penguin).

It was immediately clear that all the shoes were well made with beautiful detailing. The leather is soft and good quality, and the handmade detailing like the tiny metal nails and stitching really stands out. Even if I winced a little at the price tags, they do align with my goal to buy higher quality items that will last longer.

Review: Beek Arch Support Sandals & Shoes
My Beeks hanging out in our San Juan Airbnb.

Beek Shoes Comfort & Support

All were comfortable to wear from the start. Beek is big on making shoes that are soft and not too structured, so there were no stiff edges waiting to cause blisters.

Because most of their sandals and shoes have leather soles, they can be a little slippery on smooth surfaces at first. It’s best to walk out to your sidewalk or driveway and scuff up the soles a bit when you first get them.

Arch support is non-negotiable for me, I really can’t wear flat shoes for more than half an hour without pain.

So this is where Beek’s different shoe styles really diverge for me. In the sandals and the slides that are made with the simple molded leather soles without any padding on the sole, I really do feel the arch support.

They’re comfortable for casual wear throughout the day, and look so much cuter and more professional than other supportive shoe brands. I loved wearing my cute strappy sandals to dinner during our trip to San Juan. They’re favorites I keep reaching for.

Beek leather slides on a hotel balcony
the Sandpiper is gorgeous, and lovely as a house shoe, but I really didn’t feel enough support under the padding

My experience with Beek’s shoes that feature padded soles was a little different. It was difficult for me to feel the arch support in my gorgeous Sandpiper slides, most likely due to the padded soles.

I had the same issue with the Penguin boots I purchased. While they were incredibly cute and cozy, the sherpa lining seemed to smooth over the molded arches, and my feet started to hurt after wearing them out just for a couple quick errands. This was the only pair that I ended up returning and it was such a bummer for me, as I really did like the style.

If you’re like me and really need arch support, you know how difficult it is to find cute shoes that truly have arch support (or that will accommodate orthotics). Beek’s padded shoes just weren’t enough support for me.

However, their simple molded leather soles do provide noticeable support, and these are the shoes I’d recommend giving a try.

It’s so awesome to have a pair of truly fashionable, sleek sandals that actually have support! I’ll definitely be buying another pair of sandals to pair with summer dresses this year.

Are Beek Sandals Worth It?

Beek leather arch support slides

If you’re comfortable with the price tag, go for it! Beek makes beautiful shoes that are higher quality than many designer options in the same price range.

Here’s some things to consider when shopping:

Only the simple molded leather sole sandals and shoes really seem to offer appreciable arch support, so I’d skip over the styles with padding.

Where do you hope to wear your Beeks? Personally, I found them to be wonderful for casual wear, but I will stick with the superior support of my Birkenstocks when spending the day exploring a city.

You may want to take your shoes to cobbler, or purchase and add your own traction adhesive to the leather soles. This will prevent slipping and lengthen the life of the leather soles.

Where to Buy Beek Sandals (and where to find deals!)

Shop around a little, find the perfect sandals for you– and maybe save some cash on your purchase:

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Beek's beautiful, high quality sandals are worth the hefty price tag if you need arch support. A couple caveats, though: you'll feel the support more in the simple molded leather soles, and I'll still stick with my Birkenstocks for long days of walking. Review: Beek Arch Support Sandals & Shoes