Best Lightweight Luggage 2022: Carry-Ons and Checked Bags Under 10 Pounds

The Best Lightweight Luggage

If we had a nickel for every time we’ve seen a sweaty traveler lugging a suitcase up subway steps, or struggling to lift a crammed carry-on into the overhead bin…well, we’d have enough for a nice cocktail at least.

We can’t help you with the impulse to over-pack, but there’s no reason to drag a heavy suitcase across the world when lighter options abound. Here’s our picks for the best lightweight luggage for your 2022 travels:

Quick Comparison Chart

We’ve included many luggage lines that offer both light carry-ons and checked bags in our list, but the weights listed below are the carry-on bag weights. Most of the bags on this list come in multiple colors, so be sure to take a closer look if you’re not a fan of the color featured:

SuitcaseCarry-On WeightType
Rimowa Essential Lite4.5 lbsHardshell
Rockland Melbourne6.5 lbsHardshell
Lipault Urban Ballet6.4 lbsHardshell
Tumi V37 lbsHardshell
Victorinox Etherius5.7 lbsHardshell
Samsonite Neopulse5 lbsHardshell
IT Luggage3.6 lbsSoftside
Atlantic Infinity Lite5 lbsSoftside
Samsonite Solyte6.8 lbsSoftside
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior7.3 lbsSoftside
Heys America Xero3.7 lbsSoftside
Lipault Plume5 lbsSoftside
SuitcaseCarry-On WeightType

Lightweight Hardshell Luggage

Rimowa Essential Lite Luggage

Carry-on 5 lbs

Rimowa’s Essential Lite line is pricey–but some of the best luggage on this list, practically feather light at under 5 pounds. We’ve got nothing but good things to say about the sleek style, durability and features. The bag features butter-smooth spinner wheels, nice organization, and integrated TSA locks. The entire Essential Lite line is worth a look; they’re sleek, lightweight cases sure to turn heads.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage

Rockland Melbourne Best Lightweight Luggage Set

Carry-on 7 lbs

Rockland’s Melbourne luggage line is value priced, but still comes in at a breezy 7 pounds for the carry-on. We’re loving the wide range of available colors, interior organization and spinner wheels, at less than $50 for a lightweight carry-on! If you’re working with small budget, this is the best luggage for you. Be sure to take a look at the luggage sets available as well, as you can save quite a bit by purchasing a suitcase and carry-on together.

Lipault Urban Ballet Luggage

Carry-on 6.4 lbs

At under 7 pounds, the Lipault Urban Ballet carry-on makes it easy to live up to the graceful implications of its name. The bags offer sleek, modern, design that stands out from the crowd (if red isn’t your color, the case also comes in black and the perfect ocean blue). They’re also reasonably priced, with the entire Urban Ballet range–even the larger cases!– under $300.

Tumi V3 Lightweight Luggage

Tumi V3 Lightweight Hardshell Suitcase

Carry-on 7 lbs

A sleek case from a trusted name in luggage, Tumi’s V3 carry-on is just 7 pounds and boasts all the high quality features you’d expect, including integrated TSA locks and super smooth-rolling spinner wheels. Tumi can be pricey, but in this case, you get what you pay for, including excellent repair service if the bag is ever damaged. Tumi’s V3 line includes 7 different lightweight suitcases, so even the pickiest traveler can find the right size bag. It’s one of our favorite lightweight bags.

Victorinox Etherius Luggage

Victorinox Etherius Hardshell Luggage

Carry-on 6 lbs

Another established luggage brand, Victorinox’s Etherius carry-on is made of the same lightweight polycarbonate as Tumi’s bag, but clocks in even lighter, at 6 pounds. In addition to the spinner wheels and integrated TSA locks you’d expect to find in a bag at this price point, it features an expansion zipper. This is a nice feature if you need to cram in some souvenirs, but be aware that the bag may exceed allowable carry-on size when expanded. In addition to the carry-on, the Etherius line includes medium and large size suitcases that are worth checking out.

Samsonite Neopulse Luggage

Samsonite Neopulse Light Luggage

Carry-on 5 lbs

Samsonite’s Neopulse line brings the legendary Samsonite quality with a 10 year warranty.  The cases are constructed of lightweight Makrolon polycarbonate for a strong case with textural appeal. The carry-on is an airy 5 pounds and includes integrated TSA locks, spinner wheels, and some fashionable color choices.


Lightweight Softside Luggage

IT Los Angeles Luggage

IT Luggage Worlds Lightest Luggage

Carry-on 4 lbs

At just under 4 pounds, IT Luggage touts the Los Angeles line as the world’s lightest luggage. While there are some other contenders out there, this is a super lightweight bag at a surprisingly low price.

It’s durable for a non-checked bag and offers nice organization, but is a little short on features otherwise, with no locks or spinner wheels. Still, we can hardly complain for the price! IT Luggage does offer a range of larger ultra low weight suitcases, but we’d be cautious with the larger bags, as they’d need to be checked and may not hold up to abuse from baggage handlers.

Atlantic Infinity Lite Luggage

Atlantic Infinity Lite Bags

Carry-on 5 lbs

A nice mid-range option, Atlantic’s Infinity Lite lightweight carry-on is reasonably priced and just 5 pounds. It features spinner wheels, fashion forward colors and prints, and great organization– all in all a good, dependable bag that won’t break the bank.

Samsonite Solyte Luggage

Samsonite Solyte Lightweight Luggage

Carry-on 7 lbs

Samsonite’s Solyte is another great mid range bag. A lightweight 7 pounds with spinner wheels, spacious main compartment, and expandable zipper, it’s a contender to consider among softside luggage. There’s a nice selection of other suitcases in the Solyte line worth checking out as well.

Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Luggage

Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Carry On

Carry-on 7.3 lbs

Eagle Creek is known for their quality, durable luggage. They can be a bit short on style, with an outdoorsy aesthetic. But the Gear Warrior carry-on does deliver in the low weight competition, coming in at 7.3 pounds.

Their lightweight carry-on features spinner wheels, exo-skeleton seamless composite fabrication for structure, durable reinforced hypalon fabric, and an expandable main compartment. Eagle Creek’s Gear Warrior line includes a couple larger bags that are worth checking out as well.

Heys America Hi-Tech Xero Luggage

Heys America Hitech Xero Lightweight Suitcase

Carry-on 4lbs

Heys America Xero line is another brand claiming to be the worlds lightest. Whether or not they’re truly the lightest, the Xero carry on is impressive at just under 4 pounds.

The balance of features, style, and the super low weight make it one of the best lightweight softside bags on this list. And it doesn’t hurt that the Xero stacks the deck with spinner wheels and a modern look that sets it apart.

Lipault Original Plume Luggage

Lipault Plume Lightweight Softside Suitcase

Carry-on 5 lbs

For the final pick, we’re digging Lipault’s unique Plume luggage in sleek nylon. At an airy 5 pounds, it’s incredibly lightweight– and pretty stylish as well. The Plume features spinner wheels, a roomy main compartment and nice organization. See all the easy to carry Plume suitcases and travel bags here.


Are hardshell or softside suitcases better? Which is more lightweight?

We prefer hardshell suitcases for their durability and protection of contents, but it’s mainly a matter of preference and budget.

Hardshell suitcases can be more protective of the contents, and we prefer the look. However, you’ll pay more for a quality hardside case, and there’s less room to expand if you just need to fit in a couple extra things.

Both types of suitcase have the potential to be incredibly lightweight –and keep in mind that even the heaviest bags we featured, at 7 pounds, feel very light. If your budget doesn’t allow for the absolute lightest, we’re willing to bet you’ll be happy with a 6 or 7 pound bag, even if it’s not “the world’s lightest.”

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