Our Favorite Gifts for Travelers

Welcome to this years list of awesome gifts for travelers! We’ve got a little something for everyone, from great travel tech to vintage picks, and gifts for all budgets.

away luggage gifts for travelers

We’re huge fans of Away Luggage for their design chops and super light cases with built-in power banks (and judging by our Instagram feed, we’re not the only ones who are smitten). Wrap up a brand new carry-on for your favorite traveler. They’re available in hues that will suit just about everyone, and we can’t wait to see the new limited edition colors they roll out for the holiday season!

p.s. check out our Smart Luggage post for more tech-filled suitcases

super marche sfgirlbybay gifts for travelers

Popular home design blogger SFGirlByBay recently launched Super Marche, an online shop full of hand-picked vintage goodies–everything from decor to furniture– from the South of France. Gift your Francophile friend dishware, decor and more straight from a French flea market!

food map of japan gifts for travelers

Travel blogger Jodi of Legal Nomads sells these gorgeous food maps, available as prints, and on tees and totes. Jodi has been struggling with some health issues lately, so this is an excellent way to help support her while snagging some awesome art for the foodie in your life. (Jodi also sells detailed celiac restaurant cards, if you have a celiac traveler in your life)

gifts for travelers travel power strip

An admittedly un-sexy gift, but the frequent traveler in your life will get a ton of use out of this one. Think back to your last couple of hotel stays; how many of those hotels had enough convenient outlets for your laptop and phone? Add a traveling companion, and I’m willing to bet someone was leaning over the bed stand, unplugging the lamp or alarm clock to garner a free outlet.

Enter the compact, easily packable travel power strip. The power strip I use doesn’t seem to be available any longer, but Amazon has a ton of options to choose from–just look for a compact size and good reviews. I also find it convenient to have a power strip with a longer cord, and USB ports, like in this model.

priority pass gifts for travelers

What to get for that traveler who’s always on the go? Give the gift of airport serenity with a Priority Pass Membership, starting at just $99 (and get a 10% discount through the link). Your favorite traveler will get access to over 1,000 airport lounges around the world, with free drinks, food and WiFi, quiet spaces, and showers–regardless of what class they’re flying.

stowaway cosmetics gifts for travelers

Your BFF will love how much suitcase space she can save with Stowaway Cosmetics’ travel sized makeup. She’ll also love that every product they make meets higher EU safety standards–no sketchy chemical ingredients here.

saddleback leather bag gifts for travelers

Earlier this year, we got a chance to try out Saddleback Leather’s Overnight Bag, and we were instantly impressed with the quality and aesthetics of their travel bags (read the review here). So it’s no surprise they made our list of highly giftable travel goods.

Saddleback Leather crafts a range of handsome leather travel bags and smaller leather accessories, all with a vintage aesthetic and made-to-last-a-lifetime quality–sure to please the traveler in your life.

8. Paris is Always a Good Idea

gifts for travelers paris books

Gift one (or both!) of our favorite Paris books of 2017. Lindsey Tramuta (of Lost in Cheeseland) highlights the chicest new hangouts in her adopted city in The New Paris, and chef David Lebovitz shares funny stories, recipes and more from his life in Paris in L’Appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home.

carry on cocktail kit gifts for travelers

W&P Design’s Carry On Cocktail Kits are a classic by now, and for good reason! They make a great small gift or stocking stuffer, and seriously ease the indignity of flying coach. (We’ve linked to Bloomingdales, but Amazon also stocks some of these kits– just beware of third party sellers with inflated prices).

silk pajamas gifts for travelers

Silk pyjamas will make even non-travelers deliriously happy, but they’re also a wonderful gift for travelers because silk takes up next to no space, is breathable, and great for all seasons. (get 10% off when you place your first order through this link).

gifts for travelers food52 world food

When I travel, it’s at least 50% for the food. Dramatic mountain views are nice and all, but if there’s not amazing food to look forward to, why bother? Chances are, you have some foodie friends who agree.

We’re crazy about Food52’s curated selection of gourmet world foods, everything from barrel aged Japanese shoyu, to French candies in a pretty tin. (If you’re a first-time buyer, sign up for an account through my referral link, and get $20 off your first purchase!).

Newcomer Paravel Luggage has consistently garnered praise for their Italian crafted, vintage inspired travel bags. The best part? They’re gorgeous AND eminently practical, with an easily cleaned, lightweight design, and bags like the Stowaway that collapse flat when not in use–perfect for apartment dwellers!