How to Buy Ghibli Park Tickets–Even When They’re Sold Out!

Studio Ghibli’s new Ghibli Park is unsurprisingly proving to be just as popular as the Ghibli Museum. It’s a truly magical place! But how to buy tickets to Miyazaki’s wonderland? We’ll lay all your options, including what how to buy get Ghibli Park tickets even if they’re sold out:

Buy Ghibli Park Tickets from Lawson’s

This is the first place to check, and the cheapest option. Lawson’s is the official ticket seller of Ghibli Park tickets. Tickets go on sale for on the 10th of each month for dates 3 months in advance, so you’ll need to plan ahead. The site is a little confusing and it sometimes looks like there’s tickets still available when they’re actually sold out. You’ll want to be prepared to compete with other buyers: show up when tickets go on sale, refresh the page constantly, and check out quickly.

There are 3 tickets you can purchase, the Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse and Mononoke Village Package (the main area of the park), The Hill of Youth, and Dondoko Forest. There’s no combined package for all of these tickets; they must be purchased separately. You may purchase tickets for up to 6 people, though children under 3 are free and don’t count towards that total.

A note about Ghibli Park resale tickets:

You may find resellers offering Ghibli Park tickets. Be aware that you must provide your name when purchasing tickets, and that Ghibli will often check that name against your ID when you enter the park to prevent ticket scalping. Buying a ticket from a reseller could result in you being denied entry to the park and losing a substantial amount of money.

Buy a Ghibli Park Day Tour on Viator

Just because tickets are sold out to the general public doesn’t mean there aren’t any available. Ghibli Park has arrangements with tour providers, and those tour companies often have tickets available when they’re sold out everywhere else!

These tours aren’t cheap, but can be worth it if you’re not able to buy tickets through Lawson’s. This day tour on Viator offers admission to Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse and Mononoke Village and has spots available as soon as two weeks from now.

They’ll pick you up in Nagoya, take you for a quick stop at the Aichi Museum of Flight, then it’s on to Ghibli Park where you’ll have 4 hours to explore.

Buy a Ghibli Park Overnight Tour through JTB

JTB offers a package that includes 1 night hotel in Nagoya and admission to Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse in Ghibli Park (it’s likely that the ticket also includes Mononoke Village, and JTB simply hasn’t updated the info since the Village opened in Nov 2023).

The package includes hotel breakfast, but does not include transportation (the park is an easy train ride from Nagoya Station). This could be a good option if you don’t plan to spend additional time in Nagoya, and just want a Ghibli Park admission ticket and hotel room.

It’s not cheap compared to buying the admission ticket only, but you are also getting a room at an (unnamed) hotel. Overall, the prices are comparable to day tour prices.

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