Best Amazon Echo Dot & Echo Show Accessories 2023: Alexa Compatible Smart Home & Security

Best Amazon Echo & Echo Show Accessories 2023

Whether we’re leaving on a trip and relying on the Echo’s smart home accessories to keep our homes secure, or just relaxing at home, we’re big fans of Alexa compatible devices!

Here’s the best Amazon Echo & Echo Show accessories to automate and secure your home– from wall mounts and stands, to home security, smart home devices, and more!

Echo & Echo Show Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are generally designed to fit a specific generation of Echo, so be sure to double-check that it will work with your device.

Atophk Echo Show 8 Wall MountEcho Gear Store Swivel MountEcho Gear Store Outlet Shelf
Atophk’s simple Echo wall mount installs anywhere, and allows the Echo Show 8 to tilt and swivel. Your Echo is held to the mount magnetically, so it’s easy to remove and take to another room.This certified “Made for Amazon” wall mount for the 4th generation Echo swivels for the best audio experience, and has a channel to thread the cord through the mounting plate. See even more of their wall mounts here.We love this cool outlet shelf from the Echo Gear Store because it fits a variety of devices, Echo and otherwise, and installation is a breeze.

Echo Show Adjustable Stands

Why buy a stand for your Echo Show? While the device is built with the screen angled slightly, you may find you prefer a sharper tilt–as well as the ability to swivel. Parents will also appreciate that keeping your Show off the countertop protects it from spills!

As with the wall mounts above, be sure to verify that the stand fits your specific Echo Show generation number.

Echo Gear Store Echo Show 8 StandAtophk Echo Show 8 StandAlmoz Echo Show 15 Stand
This certified made for Amazon stand from Echo Gear Store offers a sleek design and easy tilt and swivel. And you can’t beat the price for the functionality, especially when compared with Amazon’s own, less full-featured stand. Atophk’s neat aluminum Echo Show stand also offers tilt and swivel functionality on a heavy, sturdy base. It stays put at the angle that you set it it, and is an all-around solid choice. This sturdy stand for the Echo Show 15 swivels at the base and rotates the Echo to your preferred orientation. It’s sturdy without taking up space, and folds down for storage.

Echo & Alexa Compatible Home Security & Locks

These smart home security devices work with your Echo and Alexa voice command, but some devices will require a hub or separate subscription. When shopping, always look closely at the product info to see what’s included or required.

Lockly Secure PlusBlink Floodlight CameraEufy Indoor Camera
Lockly’s highly rated smart lock offers multiple ways to lock and unlock: use the fingerprint sensor, the keypad, or Alexa voice control. Two physical keys are included as a backup. You will need to purchase their WiFi hub to enable all features. Blink’s Wired Floodlight Cameras work with the Echo show and Alexa voice control as well as with your smarthphone to show a live feed from your cameras. Get motion detection alerts and turn on the built-in siren to scare away trespassers. Eufy’s indoor pan & tilt camera works as a kind of hybrid security camera and baby monitor. Features include 2-way audio, tilting and panning, and motion tracking. These little guys are fantastic for home security and monitoring pets.

Alexa Compatible Lighting Accessories

You might not think that a smart lighting system is entirely necessary, but we can absolutely vouch for how fun and convenient it is to say “Alexa, turn off the living room lights” as you breeze off to bed.

Philips Ambiance Starter KitPhilips Hue Motion SensorLutron Caseta Smart Start Kit
philips smart bulb set for echo alexa compatiblebest echo accessories hue motion sensorlutron light swight accessory for amazon echo
The Phillips Ambiance Starter Kit is one of our favorite smart home accessories, hands down!
The starter kit includes the hub and three bulbs that will get you up and running (and integrated with Alexa) right away.
They’re LED and dimmable, with all the color options you could dream of. But because you’re buying a system here, you can set light schedules and take full advantage of the motion sensor features if you add it to your package.
Philips’ Hue Motion Sensor is a fantastic add-on to your Philips lighting system.
The Hue motion sensor will detect when you’re no longer in the room, and switch lights off, saving power and money.
Lights will switch back on when you walk into the room, and you can even set a nightlight mode for just enough light to navigate your way to the bathroom. There’s so many great features on this, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for basic voice activated lights.
If you’d rather stick with normal bulbs and change out your switches, Lutron has you covered with their Smart Lighting Deluxe Starter Kit.
You’ll be able to control up to 17 bulbs per circuit via app, Alexa voice controls, or of course the remotes. Set light schedules like Smart Away for vacation.
It’s nice to have a physical backup in the event of technology malfunction, so there’s a lot to recommend going the route of wall switches. Also worth mentioning: unlike many other smart light switches, Lutron’s does not requite a neutral wire.

Alexa Compatible Smart Thermostats

“Alexa, turn up the heat!”

Nest Learning ThermostatEcobee Smart Thermostat with Room SensorHoneywell Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat
honeywell lyric smart thermostat echo accessory
Nest’s famous smart thermostat hardly needs to be introduced.
In addition to all of the programmability you’d expect, Nest learns from your habits and can automatically adjust the temperature without the need for detailed programming. Control your Nest via app, intuitive physical controls or easy Alexa integration.
Nest also offers smart compatibility with a wide array of other appliances, even down to things like sending data to your smart washer and dryer, so they can run the next load of laundry when energy demand is low.
Ecobee’s minimalist smart thermostat features built-in Alexa integration, along with some cool extras.
As you’d expect, this thermostat can be controlled via the touchscreen, app, or Alexa. It’s also got all of the scheduling bells and whistles found in most smart thermostats.
What’s really neat about the Ecobee are the room sensors. They monitor individual room temperature AND occupancy, so the thermostat can adjust for the rooms people are actually in. Why heat the huge family room to 72 if everyone’s hanging out in the kitchen? The thermostat comes with one sensor, and you can order additional sensors for the rooms you spend the most time in.
Honeywell’s Lyric T5 smart thermostat features all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a smart thermostat.
Set custom heating and cooling schedules, get smart alerts about temperature extremes while you’re away, and even set custom fan settings. The thermostat can be controlled through the touchscreen, app, or voice controls with Alexa.
And if you’re comfortable letting the app know where you are, the thermostat can even use your location to adjust the heat to your preference just before you arrive home!

Alexa Compatible Plug Outlets

Smart plugs are an easy way to add smart functionality to your home without a large investment.

Amazon Smart PlugGHome Smart Mini PlugWyze Smart Outdoor Plug
Amazon’s own smart plug is designed to work hassle-free with Alexa. Setup is quick in the Alexa app, after which you have access to voice commands, scheduling, and even grouping of tasks, like turning on lights and the coffee maker in the morning!
GHome’s smart plugs work with Alexa and don’t require a hub. Like Amazon’s smart plug, they’re compact enough that they don’t obstruct the second outlet.

Easily schedule plug-in outdoor lights with Wyze’s outdoor smart plug— which allows for independent control of each outlet.
The rugged, watertight body will hold up outdoors in harsh weather.
Control via Alexa or app, no hub required.

Alexa Compatible Speakers: Wireless & Streaming Audio

Bose Home Speaker 500Sonos Move SpeakerEcho Dot

Bose’s impressive Home Speaker 500 features audio quality that Alexa just can’t match–but fortunately, she can still control it for you.
More than just another bluetooth speaker, this is designed with Alexa built in, and includes a special mic created to pick up your commands across the room, or with loud music playing.
The speaker can also be controlled via app, and integrated with other 500 series speakers for multi-room playback.
Sonos speakers are all Alexa integrated, but the Move is our favorite for it’s versatility. It sits on a charging cradle, ready to be carried to another room, or packed for that camping trip. Stream music over WiFi, or connect your devices via Bluetooth.
When connected to WiFi, your wish is Sono’s command with Alexa voice commands.

If you’re looking for speakers in multiple rooms, but without a big price tag, snag an Echo Dot or two to spread around the house. (They also make a version with an LED clock for your bedside).
Once they’re set up, you can command Alexa from any room, and play music throughout your house.

Other Alexa Compatible Echo Accessories

There’s a wealth of electronics with available Alexa skills, including some you might not have thought of.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler ControlleriRobot Roomba 675 Robot VacuumFitbit Sense Smartwatch
alexa compatible sprinkler controller smart home

Who doesn’t want to sit on the sofa and tell Alexa to water the lawn? Rachio’s Smart Sprinkler Controller will let you do just that.
The controller works with Alexa without a hub, and through their app. Rachio also saves money by pulling from local weather forecasts to deviate from your watering schedule if it’s going to rain, freeze, or be exceptionally windy that day.
This is a well thought out controller, with a manual start button for when WiFi is down, or your contractor needs to do manual start or test.
Roomba’s iRobot 675 vacuum takes orders from Alexa for hands-free quick cleanups.
As with other Roombas, you can schedule vacuuming via the app, but the Alexa voice activated commands are a nice addition. You don’t need a hub to use the Roomba with Alexa. If you haven’t taken a look at these in awhile, they’re improved a lot, do well on most surfaces, and are surprisingly great for pet hair.

Did you know that you can make Alexa commands through your Fitbit smartwatch? With Alexa integration on the Fitbit Sense, just ask Alexa for weather or news, set alarms and more!


What is the Amazon Echo?

The Echo is Amazon’s smart speaker. It can act as a personal assistant, answer questions, and automate tasks around your home. This can be anything from turning lights on and off, to locking your doors, and streaming music.

“Alexa” is the voice interface for the Echo, the AI voice you speak to when using the voice commands. 3rd party manufacturers can develop Alexa “skills” that allow you to control their electronics through Alexa voice command.

The Echo is available in 4 variations: the original Echo, the Echo Dot, the Echo Auto, and the new Amazon Echo Show.

The Echo Dot is a smaller, more compact version of the Echo.

The Echo Show features all of the capabilities of the full size Echo (including great speakers), with an added video screen that allows for streaming videos, connecting to front door cameras, baby monitors and more.

All of the Echo devices require an internet connection to function.

Which Amazon Echo device should I buy? What’s the difference between the Echo and the Echo Dot?

When it comes to the Echo vs the Echo Dot, the only real difference is the speaker size and quality. Because the Dot is smaller, it features a smaller, quieter speaker. If you already have other high quality speakers that you can integrate with Alexa, save some money and go with the Dot. If, however, you’d like to play music directly through your Echo device, the original Echo is worth the cash.

What can the Amazon Echo do?

There’s a long list of things that the Echo can do, and it’s only getting longer as more and more brands work to integrate their smart tech with Alexa. Here’s some of the cool things you can do with the Echo:

Order pizza or call an Uber
Answer your questions: Let the Echo do your searching for you and ask Alexa about traffic and the weather, info on local businesses, sports scores and schedules. 
Read to you: Alexa can read you the news, and audiobooks from Audible
Automate your home: Control lights, fans, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, locks, and more. 
With the new Echo Show, Amazon has added even more functionality, allowing you to do things like stream videos, connect the video screen to security and doorbell cameras, baby monitors, and make video calls.

Is there a monthly fee for the Amazon Echo?

There is no monthly fee, once you’ve purchased an Echo there aren’t any additional costs (unless of course you want to add more smart home automation like the items recommended in this post!).

However, Amazon Prime members do get some additional perks. You’ll get free music to steam through your Echo, as well as additional apps.

Is the Echo always listening to me? 

With the exception of the Tap, all Echo devices have a default setting of always “listening”, that is, waiting for your “wake word.” After you wake the device, Amazon does record your speech, and retains those recordings to improve AI response to future questions you might ask Alexa.

If you’re concerned about privacy, there are several things you can do: First, you can set the device to only “listen” once you turn it on, as the Tap normally does. Next, you can delete any stored recordings of your speech by going to the Manage My Device page in your account, or by contacting Amazon customer service. Note, however, that both of these may impede function of your Echo.

Is the Echo Show a touch screen?

Yes, the Echo Show features a touch screen. The Echo Show 8 has an 8″ touch screen, and the Echo Show 10 has a 10.1″ touch screen.

Are Echo Show calls free?

Yes, Echo Show calls are free. You can use your Echo show device to call other people’s phones, their Alexa enabled devices, or their Alexa app.

Can the Echo Show play Youtube and Netflix?

Yes, Youtube and Netflix work on the Echo Show. Because you can open a web browser on the Echo Show, most streaming apps will work.

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