Best Camera Bags for Women 2019

The choices for camera bags for women have grown exponentially in recent years! Gone are the days of ugly nylon camera bags; nowadays, there are tons of fashionable choices for women. Camera bag purses not only protect your expensive gear in style– they also don’t advertise that you’re carrying a camera, a must if you’re concerned about theft.

Stylish Camera Bags for Women 2019

1. Epiphanie Argentina Camera Bag 

Epiphanie’s Argentina camera bag is an great casual tote that just so happens to have ample storage and padding for your camera.

The bag is constructed of waxed canvas with leather shoulder straps, with a removable padded camera insert that hold a DSLR camera, extra lens and accessories. And a laptop sleeve holds up to a 15″ laptop. Top that off with a secure zipper top closure, and it’s a bag to consider.



2. Ona Chelsea Camera Bag

Hands down one of the most fashionable camera bags for women on the list, Ona’s Chelsea camera bag is constructed of Camera Bags for Women: 10 Stylish DSLR Camera Bagsluxe, durable saffiano leather (also available in Black).

There’s all the details you’d expect in a designer camera bag: fully padded interior, easy access wide zippered opening, detachable cross-body strap, extra pockets for organization, gold accent hardware, and the bag will stand on its own without tipping.

The Chelsea holds: 1 DSLR camera, with 2-3 additional lenses, and an iPad or 11-inch laptop. The capacity makes it great for anyone who needs to carry a little extra, and the styling is perfect for those who’d normally be toting a designer bag.


3. Studio Lei Momi Alice Camera Bag – Vegan Friendly

We’re loving the pretty sunny yellow vegan leather and vintage school bag styling of Studio Lei Momi’s Alice camera bag!

The Alice holds 1 DSLR camera and 1 additional lens, as well as an iPad. There’s plenty of thoughtful pockets and space for a wallet and all your accessories. It also features built-in padding with adjustable dividers, top carry handle, and a removable cross-body strap.

This bag is great for vegans, and anyone who has to have a dose of color!


4. Jo Totes Missy Camera Bag- Vegan Friendly

The Missy camera bag has a nice retro doctor/ bowling bag purse design. It’s available in mint or chocolate vegan leather.

It also holds a ton! The padded interior features adjustable dividers, and holds 1 DSLR camera, 1 extra lens, a 15″ laptop, wallet and normal accessories. You can use the shoulder straps, or clip on the included removable cross-body strap when you need to go hands free.

The Missy is a great multi-use vegan bag for students, or anyone looking for a chic camera bag.


5. Vagabond Traveler Camera Bag

A versatile crossbody bag in a classic style, Vagabond Traveler’s camera bag offers similar styling and quality to Ona, but with a lower price tag.

You can fit a DSLR camera plus accessories in this well padded bag that boasts a removable divider for flexibility. The back pouch holds a full size iPad or other tablet. While we would like to see a little extra organization for small items, the front and back pouches should hold most of the necessities you’d transfer from a purse.


6. Kelly Moore Evangeline Camera Bag – Perfect Everyday Bag

Crafted of soft Nappa leather, Kelly Moore’s Evangeline camera bag purse looks exactly like any other luxe bag in your closet, which is why they’re grown into such a popular brand!

The bag features shoulder straps, and a removable long messenger strap, removable padded insert, and will hold 1 DSLR camera plus lens, and an iPad. It’s also one of the bags that’s most thoughtful about purse functions, with plenty of pockets, and a secure zipper top.

If you’re looking for a camera bag purse for daily use, Kelly Moore bags are one of the best; they’re not too large, and are designed to look and function like any other purse. They always have a good variety of styles available, so it’s worth clicking below to check out their other styles:


7. Sim Camera Koi-S Camera Bag

There’s a ton of boring brown canvas camera bags, so we’re digging this bright teal Koi-S bag from Sim Camera.

This medium sized bag is fully handmade, constructed of durable cotton canvas with high density foam padding. It will fit a DSLR camera and accessories, with plenty of pockets for organization.

The detachable shoulder strap is padded and adjustable up to 45″, which should allow for cross body carrying for most. We also love that this bag is extra secure, with a top zipper as well as a clasp for the flap closure.


8. Jo Totes Gracie Camera Bag – Vegan Friendly

Jo Totes is another go-to brand for versatile medium size camera bags for women, so no surprise that they scored two bags on this list.

Their Gracie camera bag purse features vegan leather in a nice variety of colors; in addition to the Marsala red shown here, it comes in Mint, Butterscotch and Black. The padded interior has adjustable dividers, exterior storage pockets, and removable shoulder and cross body straps that you can easily switch out.

The bag holds 1 DSLR camera, 1-2 additional lenses, and an iPad, as well as your wallet and accessories.

The Gracie is another awesome choice for vegans and color addicts!


9. Jolie Laide Weekender Camera Bag – Great for the Vintage Lover

Jolie Laide’s Weekender camera bag is modeled on vintage styles, and they’ve added a fun modern update with printed lining!

The bag comes in black or brown leather, and features adjustable and removable padding, brass hardware, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

You can fit 1 DSLR camera with a lens in the bag, plus some accessories. This is another great option for mirrorless cameras, and traveling light.


10. Koolertron Women’s Camera Backpack

Koolertron’s camera backpack is one of the most thoughtfully designed camera bags on this list–and it doesn’t hurt that the bag is available in some fun colors and patterns.

The backpack features a unique design with a horizontal zipper that opens up the bottom half of the bag to reveal a removable padded camera insert. This solves the problem of so many backpacks, where you’re elbow deep rummaging in the bottom trying to find your gear. The bag boasts quite a bit of additional storage, and even a rain cover for inclement weather.

You can fit 1 DSLR camera with a lens in the bag, plus a second lens and some accessories–and that’s just in the bottom camera compartment. There’s plenty of room for a tablet and other items in the top of the bag. This is a great bag for day trips or longer–or use the removable insert when you want to pack lighter.


11. Moore & Giles Lew Camera Bag

Moore & Gile’s Lew camera bag is the priciest on this list, but easily the roomiest, and beautifully crafted.

The bag is constructed of rich leather and waxed canvas, with adjustable padded dividers, and removable padded strap.

You can fit multiple camera bodies, or 1 DSLR camera with multiple lenses in the bag, plus accessories.

How to Make Any Bag a Camera Bag

You’ve probably noticed that many of these bags have removable padded inserts for How to make any bag a camera bagflexibility. So what’s to keep you from turning the purse you already own into a camera bag? Nothing!

On a recent trip to Tokyo, I just slipped a camera bag insert into my large Kate Spade bag, and it worked perfectly.

There’s a huge variety of camera bag inserts on Amazon. Just be sure that the insert will comfortably fit in your purse–oftentimes the width and depth are fine, but many inserts can be too tall for standard purses. I also recommend getting a camera bag insert with padding on top for the most protection. Inserts like the one pictured here with a removable padded flap will give you the most flexibility.

You’ll also want to consider how you plan to use the camera bag insert. Some inserts have a handle or straps so that they can be carried independently, which may come in handy.

Features to Consider in a Camera Bag

Here’s a quick overview of features to think about for your new camera bag. Already know what features you’d like? Scroll down to the comparison chart below to see the best women’s camera bags of 2019.

  • Bag Size: How much do you plan to carry? Just a camera and extra lens, or do you want Camera Bags for Women: 10 Stylish DSLR Camera Bagsto have room to toss in a large wallet, some cosmetics, and maybe even a laptop? How large is your camera? I find that my mirrorless Fuji X-T2 fits comfortably in most bags, but a larger DSLR may be a tight fit in some bags.
  • Strap type: Do you want a bag with a shoulder strap, cross body, or backpack? My preference is for cross body straps, as they’re the most secure for traveling, and allow hands-free access to my camera.
  • Material: Leather, vegan leather, or canvas? All are great choices, though good quality real leather may be the most durable and stain resistant in the long term.
  • Secure closure: Make sure your bag has a secure zipper or other tight closure to prevent theft, and to keep your gear in place if the bag is dropped or knocked over. Magnetic closures are neat, but they won’t cut it here.


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