watch free tv shows with a digital antenna

How to Watch Live TV For Free

We’re always looking for easy ways to save money for travel, and it came to my attention recently that many people don’t know they can watch TV for free! This is such an easy money saving hack that I had to share, even though I’m seriously dating myself here.

Yes, cable existed in the 80s and 90s, but my parents weren’t about to blow that much money (or take the risk of rotting my brain). So how did I watch my Saturday morning cartoons on an 8 year old’s budget? Free broadcast TV, and little antennas we used to call rabbit ears.

Free broadcast TV still exists, as do antennas, though nowadays those antennas are digital, and usually slim, flexible squares that can be mounted on your wall or hidden behind your TV. They’re cheap, coming in at around $25, and yes, they’re 100% legal.

Here’s a handful of antennas to check out if you want to start watching free live TV in your area. Have questions? Scroll down the FAQs below for more info.

Watch Free TV With These Short Range Antennas

Perfect if you have stations broadcasting from within your city.

1Vansky Digital Antenna

Vansky’s impressive digital antenna will help you tune in to stations up to 80 miles away! The longer range, plus a generous 16.5 foot cable make this antenna our top pick for city dwellers.

2Sikoimate Digital Antenna

Snag a Sikoimate digital antenna to pick up local stations up to 50-100 miles from your home. We’re digging the sleek, modern design that blends into your decor.

31byone Digital Antenna

1byone’s digital antenna picks up local signals up to 50 miles away, and includes an extra long 20 foot cable, making it a great value for the price.

Watch TV for Free With These Long Range Antennas

Ideal if you live outside of a city. 

4SkyTV Digital Long Range Antenna

SkyTV’s digital antenna boasts an impressive 150 mile range and supports 2 TVs without a splitter. It can be mounted indoors in an attic, or outdoors to get the best signal.

5Free Signal TV Marathon Digital Long Range Antenna

The Marathon digital antenna boasts a 100 mile range, and can be used indoors or outdoors. And you can connect up to 4 TVs without a splitter. You’ll pay a little more for this one, but we think the quality and features are worth it.

61byone Digital Long Range Antenna

1byone’s digital antenna offers an 85-100 mile range, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Unlike the SkyTV model, it does come with a mounting pole.


What channels can I watch with a digital antenna? 

This will vary depending on where you live, but you’ll generally get the major broadcast networks: NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and PBS, and depending on your area, the CW and a handful of additional small or local channels. I get all the major broadcast networks with my antenna, plus about a dozen other channels. They’re not all fantastic (can’t say I spend much time watching the Spanish language religious channel!), but enough to find something I want to watch.

Most small digital antennas have a 50 mile radius, so if you don’t have a station broadcasting locally, you may need one of the more powerful antennas we featured.

Are you sure? I thought that I had to go through cable or Hulu to watch TV now. 

There seems to be some confusion stemming from the federally mandated switch from analog to digital broadcast signals in 2009. After the switch, many older televisions and antennas needed a converter box to receive broadcast TV signals. However, if your TV is at all recent, you should have no problem using a digital antenna. It seems that with the switch, and the rise of online TV streaming, many younger people just forgot–or never learned– that broadcast TV is free.

If I spring for a $25 antenna, can I cancel my Hulu/ Netflix/ Cable?

Maybe, it depends on what your favorite shows are. Obviously, most paid services offer movies in addition to streaming TV, and some TV networks that are included in paid packages aren’t available as free broadcasts (cable channels like FX, TNT, etc.). But for a one-time investment of $25, it’s a great deal.

Can I still watch broadcast TV on my antenna when there’s a cable / internet outage? 

Yep! This is one of the cool things about the older, simpler tech involved in broadcast signals and antennas. If there’s an internet or cable outage (or cable dispute that temporarily pulls a broadcast channel from your cable lineup), you can still get those channels. As long as your local station is still broadcasting, and you have power, you won’t need internet or cable to watch free live TV.

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