The New Generation of Smart Luggage is All About Thoughtful Design

With big smart luggage brands like Bluesmart and Raden shutting down due to stricter airline regulations, we’ve been wondering where to look for innovation. Turns out, Genius Pack is emerging as a contender in the smart luggage market with truly thoughtful design and features that will have you wondering how the big brands get away with offering so little!

Genius Pack offers a range of carry-on and checked bags, but our favorite right now is the feature-filled G3 Carry-On. In addition to the optional power bank (fully removable to comply with airline rules), the bag boasts built-in packing cube style pouches for organization, integrated air valve for compressing clothing, removable laundry bag, exterior zip compartment for a compact umbrella, permanently screen printed packing list, separate laundry chute, spinner wheels, retractable jacket wrap cord, and retractable ID card. The bag meets carry-on standards, but is expandable in case you need a little more room for souvenirs. It’s all of these brilliant details that make the offerings of old guard brands like Samsonite pale in comparison.

So what’s the future of smart luggage now that airlines’ integrated battery bans have limited some techie features? Robot suitcases may not be in our immediate future, but we can’t say we mind when there’s innovators out there making travel a bit easier.

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