Findlay’s Hancock Hotel Offers Luxury Digs that Rival International Chains

Newcomer Hancock Hotel offers a luxury hotel experience that blows away the local competition (and honestly, could compete in a much larger city). We loved our stay and will definitely be returning!


Hancock Hotel

Hancock Hotel Review

While the hotel choices in Findlay have certainly grown over the years, the offerings didn’t stray from the “clean but cookie cutter” category (and don’t get me started on the sad Airbnb situation).

So when I heard that the Hancock Hotel had opened in downtown Findlay, I was excited to try a new hotel on my next visit, but honestly not expecting to be blown away. As it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Hancock Hotel ranks up there with luxury hotels in far larger cities.

With nightly prices for a suite under $200, I didn’t think twice about splurging a little and booking one for the holidays. This, as it turns out, was a fantastic decision– I’d stay again just for the amazing bathroom! But lets start at the beginning:

Hancock Hotel Lobby & Check-in

Review: Hancock Hotel in Findlay, Ohio

The Hancock Hotel is valet only, though we didn’t end up using valet since we have family nearby. (Note that you should use the valet when staying, as overnight parking options in the downtown area are limited.) Nevertheless, the valet seemed prompt and friendly with other customers, and were quick to offer to help with our bags.

The lobby is large, with plenty of cozy seating areas. It was all decked out for Christmas when we arrived, and looked like a pleasant place to hang out.

Hancock Hotel Lobby
Lobby of the Hancock Hotel
Hancock Hotel Check in desk

Check-in was quick and easy, then it was up to our room:

Hancock Hotel King Bed Suite

In room artwork at Hancock Hotel

We had the Mortimer suite, named for a community just outside of Findlay. The photos were a nice touch, helping to create a sense of place.

Sitting room in the suite
Apologies for the overexposed phone photo! Bringing a real camera next time for sure.

The suite features a roomy sitting area with TV, desk, and wet bar. There’s a Keurig machine and a hidden mini fridge in the cabinet with a selection of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Snacks were available for purchase on the desk across the room with an emphasis on locally produced items.

Suite wet bar
King bed suite bedroom

The bedroom was a cozy space with plenty of natural light when you want it, and good blinds for sleeping. As seen above, I’m notorious for only getting around to taking photos after I’ve messed up the bed.

However, the boyfriend was so impressed he grabbed a shot of the chocolates from local chocolatier Dietsch Brothers on the pillows when we first arrived. It shouldn’t be so rare to see hotels working with local businesses like this!

Dietsch Brothers pillow mints
Dresser and tv in the bedroom

There’s a second TV in the bedroom, and an actual door between the sitting area and bedroom to shut out noise if your travel companion stays up later.

Closet and dressing area

Heading down the hallway towards the bathroom, there’s a large wardrobe and dressing area. This was a thoughtful addition, more attractive and functional than the standard closet and dresser, and a feature you don’t always find in standard suites.

Suite bathroom

The huge bathroom is was easily my favorite part of the room, with a highly Instagrammable free-standing tub, glass shower with waterfall shower head, and plenty of counter space.

Living in a small apartment with a decidedly inferior bathtub, I’m not ashamed to say that an awesome bathtub is a selling point point for me in a hotel. I wasted no time filling this one up and soaking away my travel induced aches.

Some people steal hotel towels and bathrobes. I found myself pondering how I could make off with the entire bathroom. (can you spot our favorite travel bottles making an appearance in the shower?)

Suite bathtub
View from a suite at the Hancock Hotel

Our bathroom window looked out on the Marathon campus and downtown Findlay– you can spot local classic burger shop Wilson’s on the left.

Hancock Hotel Service & Food

With so many holiday commitments, we weren’t able to try room service or eat at the Mancy’s restaurant in the hotel. Both looked great, though, and this is another area where most other Findlay hotels just can’t compete. We did come down to the bar for the complimentary welcome drinks after check-in, which were enjoyable (and seasonally themed with sprinkles on the rim!).

Hotel employees were consistently friendly, helpful, and accommodating. We had no complaints or problems during our stay.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I can easily say this is the hotel you want to stay at in Findlay.

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Newcomer Hancock Hotel offers a luxury hotel experience that blows away the local competition (and honestly, could compete in a much larger city). We loved our stay and will definitely be returning! Findlay's Hancock Hotel Offers Luxury Digs that Rival International Chains