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Pink Luggage for Every Budget

We scoured the internet for the best pink luggage from bargain buys to luxe picks. Here’s the cutest pink luggage for 2018!

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Pink Luggage under $100

This medium sized pink suitcase from Kenneth Cole is roomy enough to pack for most trips. 

  • Lightweight & Durable ABS Plastic

  • 360 Spinner Wheels

  • Telescoping Handle

  • Interior Organization

We love this suitcase for its great features and low price. Cute, and durable, with plenty of packing space and organization, this still comes in at under $100.

Need a smaller bag? Take a look at the carry on version.

You don’t have to lay out a ton of money for a cute pink bag! Take a look at this popular, value priced pink carry on bag from Rockland

  • Lightweight Plastic

  • Spinner Wheels

  • Cute Printed Lining

  • Telescoping Handle

Rockland’s pink carry on suitcase is value priced, but doesn’t skimp on the features, with spinner wheels, and interior organization with polka dot printed lining. The perfect luggage for bargain hunters!


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Pink luggage with a dash of preppy from Tommy Hilfiger, the Lochwood is seriously cute (and a great deal)!

  • Lightweight Composite Polycarbonate

  • Spinner Wheels

  • Aluminum Telescoping Handle

  • TSA Locks

A nice medium size bag from Tommy Hilfiger at a great price. At the time of writing, this clocks in at just under $100!

We’re loving the gorgeous modern-prep design, and are willing to be you won’t find better for the price.

Pink Luggage under $300

This unique pink nylon suitcase from Lipault is sure to stand out! 

  • Attractive, Durable Nylon

  • Spinner Wheels

  • Retractable Handle

  • Collapses to smaller size when not in use

We’re loving how unique (and let be honest, how shiny) Lipault’s pink suitcase is.

At 25″, it’s a great bag for longer trips, and the softside construction means it will collapse to a smaller size for storage.

Swiss Gear’s cute pink carry on bag is reasonably priced and has all the features you need.

  • Lightweight construction and maneuverability

  • Expands 1.5`` for additional packing space

  • Telescoping Handle

  • Cute Carry On Bag!

A great carry on bag at just a little over $100, in the perfect bright pink hue.

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Saluti set offers a touch of retro glamour, and is available in a hot pink and coral pink. 

  • Durable ABS Plastic

  • Vintage Trunk Inspired Design

  • Available in Two Shades of Pink!

  • Great price for a 3 Piece Set

At under $300 for the entire set (they don’t seem to be sold separately), these almost don’t belong in the splurge category.

These pink beauties are constructed of durable ABS plastic that’s scuff resistant and lightweight. The 360 spinner wheels and telescoping handle add modern convenience to the retro design.

Luxury Pink Luggage

Steamline makes seriously luxe luggage with vintage appeal. 

  • Beautifully detailed vintage style bags

  • Gorgeous Printed Lining

  • High quality construction with real leather straps

  • Two shades of pink available

Steamline’s trunk style pink suitcases offer vintage glamour combined with modern conveniences like telescoping handle, gliding wheels, and TSA locks. They’re luxury priced as well, with the carry on alone priced at $780.

For a more affordable version, check out MOIERG’s Vintage Trolley, and Bric’s Luggage Bellagio (still pricey, but cheaper than Steamline), or the Diane Von Furstenberg set above. 

This stunner from Ted Baker London features a cherry blossom front panel and signature bird print lining. 

  • Made from tough and lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate

  • TSA Locks

  • 360 Spinner Wheels

  • Unique, feminine design

This is one of our favorite pink suitcases! The design is at once fresh, modern and feminine, and there’s no confusing it with anyone else’s luggage.

In addition to the large pink suitcase, Ted Baker also makes a carry on and vanity case.

Renowned Rimowa quality in an of-the-moment pale metallic pink. 

  • Made from tough and lightweight polycarbonate

  • TSA Locks

  • Rimowa's patented Multiwheel® system

  • Multistage telescoping monopole handle

This pearl pink suitcase from Rimowa is lightweight, durable, and frankly gorgeous! We’re loving the perfect pink hue that doesn’t feel too brash.

Pink Luggage Accessories

packing cubes, luggage tags, & more to match your pink luggage


Which is better, soft or hardside luggage? 

We’ve included both soft and hardshell pink luggage in this list, but which is better to buy?

Nowadays, soft luggage uses extremely durable materials, so while you’ll see some wear from baggage handling, it should last you a long time.

Hardshell luggage may be more durable overall, but it’s important to consider what the materials are, and look at reviews. Overall, hardside luggage can be more durable, but the finish may scuff easily on cheaply made hard suitcases, which is particularly upsetting if you’ve purchased a case for it’s pretty pink finish.

One option to protect both hard and soft suitcases is to use a luggage cover when you check your bag. It will protect the bag from scuffs and scrapes, and some covers are even waterproof!

If you’re concerned about security, hard luggage is usually more secure. Compared to soft luggage, it’s much more difficult to cut open. We recommend choosing a bag with integrated TSA locks for extra security.

I read that I shouldn’t buy colorful luggage because it will look terrible after a couple trips. Is this true? 

There’s always some travel expert killjoy who wants to advocate for boring black luggage for everyone. We couldn’t disagree more!

In addition to just being more fun, colorful luggage is easier to spot at baggage claim, and more difficult for thieves to make off with unnoticed.

Some bags may scuff easily after a couple trips. It’s really something you have to look into on a bag by bag basis. As recommended above, read reviews to see how the bag has held up for others, and think about using a protective cover.

If you’re buying a carry on, you have less to worry about. Since your bag will mostly stay out of the hands of others (except for the occasional gate check on small planes), you should be able to keep it looking great by treating it gently.

What features should I look for in a suitcase? 

Much of this comes down to personal preference, but there are some features that will make your life easier when traveling:

We love suitcases with 4 spinner wheels (as opposed to the older style of 2 fixed wheels), as they move much more smoothly and make it easier to pull heavy cases. Fortunately, almost all the bags on this list feature spinner wheels.

Interior organization with separate zipper compartments is also a must for us. You can get by without it (and packing cubes help), but having zippered dividers and pouches makes organization that much easier.

Finally, think about the weight of your luggage. Will it be easy to stow in an overhead bin/ carry up the steps of the Paris Metro once you’ve crammed it full of essentials? You may pay more for lighter weight luggage, but it’s usually worth it.

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