How to Hygge: A Guide to Getting Through the Winter

Get Cozy

Hygge is loosely translated as “coziness.” It’s that and so much more, but let’s start with the cozy:
1. Abandon your home and get a cozy cabin (we’re kidding! sort of.)
2. Stock up on warm, colorful blankets. We’re thinking classic Pendleton, and handmade patchwork quilts.
3. Cuddle up with your pets, loved ones, and a good book.
4. Speaking of which, get off the internet for a bit and write a real letter to someone you haven’t seen in awhile.
5. If forced to leave your cabin, cover yourself in warm, cheerful knits. In fact, think about fully outfitting yourself for winter, so you won’t dread the cold weather. A good quality coat with a hood can make all the difference--and don't forget your mittens!

Cultivate Closeness

Hygge is very much about close relationships! Don’t forget to make time to forge bonds with your community, and strengthen friendships.

1. Get together with friends, family, or neighbors, even if it’s just for board games.
2. Bake some goodies for friends, family, or co-workers. Better yet, do some baking together!
3. Arrange a sledding day for kids and adults. Slip notes in your neighbors’ mailboxes challenging them to a snowball fight! Have a snowman building contest.
4. Do something nice: Shovel a neighbors driveway, volunteer for a service like Meals on Wheels, or look into volunteer opportunities with local charities.
5. Have a spa day with your friends (or host a DIY spa day at home–which has the added benefit of not leaving your cozy abode)
6. Give a little bit of winter cheer, just because, wrapped up in pretty paper.

Celebrate the Everyday

Hygge is all about taking time to enjoy the simple things, like everyday rituals and items.

1. Life’s too short for bad tea (or coffee)! We love Harney & Sons Tea, and Kicking Horse Coffee.
2. Bring home some plants–and finally be that person who knows how to keep them alive. Even a little windowsill succulent will brighten a gray day. Air plants are low maintenance and easy to buy online.
3. Master the cooking of your favorite comfort food. If you don't have a family recipe to work off of, find half a dozen that sound good and make it a month-long project, trying each, and improving your cooking skills along the way.
4. Take advantage of your lunch break to take a walk, and get a little sun. Not a winter person? Yeah, we aren’t either. But once you’re safely back inside, you’ll be glad for the mood boost. We also swear by sun lamps, frequent conservatory/ greenhouse visits, and Vitamin D.
5. Make bath time a ritual. It doesn’t take much to turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. Think beeswax candles, bath bombs, super soft towels, and maybe even a tub caddy. Soak, relax, and get nice and pruny.
6. Don’t underestimate the power of music! Whatever your favorites are, make sure music is part of your day.
7. Instead of focusing on all the things you miss about warm weather, enjoy all the great things about winter. What vegetables are in season? Isn’t this a great excuse to make mulled wine? Aren’t big, fuzzy slippers wonderful?

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