Best Women’s Shoes for Air Travel

What Shoes Should You Wear on a Plane?

From getting through security, trekking through the airport, and finally settling down in your tiny little corner of the plane, having the right shoes can make a big difference in your comfort. We hand-picked the best women’s shoes for air travel, with an eye to comfort, ease of removal, and versatility.

Even though my TSA Precheck membership means that I generally don’t need to remove my shoes to get through security, I still like to stick with shoes that are easy to quickly pull on and take off. It’s just not comfortable to wear most shoes through a long flight, but you’re definitely going to want to put them back on before you head to the lavatory. Swelling of the feet and legs is also common when flying, so tight, constricting shoes are not your friend here.

The “These Are Basically Slippers” Travel Shoes

These are my favorite kind of shoes to wear on a plane, because you can go dressy or super casual. If you pick a pair that feels a little more chic, you can pair them with outfits on your trip as well. Go for something more like a slipper, and they’ll still be great for swanning around your hotel or hostel. Either way, comfort is the goal here.

Comfy, Stretchy Sneakers

Sneakers made with stretchy material are easy to pull on and off without untying the laces. They’re also super comfy when your feet swell a bit from all that time on the plane, or, you know, walking seven miles on cobblestone streets in one day.

Actual Slippers

If you’re feeling fancy (or needed to wear your biggest, heaviest shoes on the plane to save on luggage space or weight), bring a pair of lightweight slippers or slipper socks to change into. Just be sure you have a small carry bag to put them in when you change back into your street shoes. Planes are gross.

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