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Best Waterproof iPhone 7 Cases 2020


Best Waterproof iPhone 7& 7 Plus Cases

Here’s our picks for the best waterproof iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases to protect your iPhone at the beach, or even underwater!

NOTE: Although the iPhone 7 and 7 plus are the same size as the 6 and 6 plus, the camera alignment is different, meaning that older cases can partially obscure your iPhone 7’s camera or flash. For this reason, we’re focusing exclusively on cases designed for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone 7

Editor’s Choice

A great case from a major brand, Lifeproof’s FRE Series waterproof case is pricey, but has a lot to recommend it. It’s IP68 waterproof and submersible, made to withstand drops, features a slim design, clear sound transmission, and comes in a variety of colors.

The one issue we have with this case is the smoothness of the plastic; unlike rubberized cases, this will slip from your hand more easily. Still, it’s one of the best waterproof iphone 7 cases out there, and our editor’s choice.

lifeproof the best waterproof iphone 7 case

Pelican Marine Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Pelican Marine’s waterproof case is rated IP68 for submersion, and protects against drops as well. The case maintains a fairly slim profile, but does tend to muffle sound, creating issues for everyday use.

However, the touchscreen works well, and it does keep water out, so if you’re looking for a waterproof case to snap on just when you need it, this is a good candidate. The case is available in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sizes.

pelican marine waterproof iphone 7 case

CHOETECH Floating Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

If you’ll be spending time in the water, you might want to consider a case that floats or has a strap, so you don’t lose your iPhone. Choetech’s value priced waterproof case includes both these features.

Because it’s a pouch type case, it fits the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as a variety of other phones. The touchscreen works well through the protective cover, but you’ll have issues with sound, so this isn’t a practical everyday case.

chotech waterproof iphone 7 and 7 plus pouch

iShope Waterproof Case for iPhone 7

iShope’s waterproof case for iPhone 7 has a unique screw-shut design that makes the case even more watertight. It’s IP68 rated for submersion, shockproof, and allows for clear sound when making calls and using the speaker.

The case isn’t quite as slim as some, but still a fairly compact case, and at a reasonable price.

ishope waterproof iphone 7 case

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit Impact is a great all around waterproof case with a slim profile. Rated IP68 for submersion and built to withstand drops, the case features a rubber bumper for better grip, and great touchscreen performance.

Available in four colors, and with an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus version, this is one of our favorite cases.

dog and bone named best waterproof iphone 7 plus case

OTBBA Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

This reasonably priced waterproof case made for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the OTBBA has all the features you’d expect. It’s IP68 rated for submersion, with great shock protection as well. The touchscreen sensitivity is very good, and our reviewers were impressed with how watertight the case is.

otbba waterproof iphone 7 plus case

Kona Submariner Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Another pouch type case, Kona’s Submariner waterproof case fits a variety of phones, including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

It’s waterproof up to 100 feet and features durable plastic the works well with the touchscreen. The case includes a lanyard to keep it secure, and while it isn’t designed specifically to float, it will float if you seal air into the pouch when closing.

best waterproof iphone 7 and 7 plus bag by submariner

Vcloo Waterproof Case for iPhone 7

A value priced iPhone 7 case that’s IP68 rated, and has shock proof design, the Vcloo is our pick for best cheap waterproof case.

There are some trade-offs: the manufacturer states that it’s not for daily use, as all the side buttons and ports are covered and inaccessible when the case is on. You may also have sound transmission issues. But if you just need a case to snap on for occasional water exposure, this is one of the best waterproof iPhone 7 cases on a budget.


What Does IP68 Mean?

IP stands for Ingress Protection Rating (or International Protection Rating). Waterproof phone cases are commonly rated IP67 or IP68.

The first number in the rating code refers to the degree of protection provided against the entry of foreign solid objects, such as fingers or dust. These protection levels range from 0 to 6.

The second number refers to the degree of protection against the entry of moisture, with protection levels ranging from 0 through 8.

So an IP68 rating means that the case provides the highest level of protection against dust and water immersion. An IP67 rating would still provide some protection against immersion, but only up to 1 meter, and 30 minutes. In contrast,  IP68 provides protection levels upwards of that, but you’ll have to check the manufacturer specs to see just how many meters and how long the case can be immersed.

So if I buy one of these cases, can I really take my iPhone snorkeling or diving?

As long as the case is rated IP 68, and properly attached to your phone, yes you can take it underwater!

However, if you’re planning on using it underwater for extended periods of time, or doing deep diving, you should check with the manufacturer to see what the depth and time limits are for that particular case.

In addition, be aware that the touch sensitive functions of your iPhone may not work as well if your fingers become cold underwater.

Isn’t the iPhone 7 water resistant? Do I really need a waterproof case?

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are designed to be water resistant, and should hold up well to slashes, or even quick dunks. However, water resistant is not the same thing as waterproof. Especially when submersed, it will let in some water. (And no, to answer a weirdly common question, you should not use your iPhone 7 in the shower!)

Unless you’re exceptionally clumsy, or always around water, you probably don’t need a waterproof case for daily use. However, if you’re going to be snorkeling, taking your phone on a boat, etc, a waterproof case is a good idea.

Can’t I use my old iPhone 6 waterproof case with my iPhone 7? 

Because the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the same size at the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you can fit your old case on your new phone. However, the cameras are aligned differently on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, so using an old case may result in partially obscured photos.

If you won’t be using your camera, go ahead and make use of that older case. However, since many people choose a waterproof case to capture moments while traveling, we recommend buying an up to date case.

Can I use my iPhone 7 in Europe and abroad? 

Many people who are planning a beach vacation abroad want to know if they can use their iPhone safely in other countries with different electrical systems. The short answer is yes, you shouldn’t have any problems. You may, however, need to purchase a plug adapter.

A quick word of warning here about possible data charges: it’s best to remove your SIM card completely, and buy a local SIM card if you need voice or data while traveling.

But back to charging your iPhone abroad: your iPhone is dual voltage, and shouldn’t have any problems with the voltage of most European and Asian countries. If you want to be extra careful, we recommend bringing along a voltage converter.

See our article on Travel Adapters for more important info on how to safely charge your devices when traveling, and recommended plug adapters.


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