We Found the Best Organic Cotton Underwear (and tees too!)

The Best Organic Cotton Underwear and Tees

I don’t know about you, but for day to day–and when traveling in particular– it’s plain cotton undies for me. And I’ve finally found the perfect pair of organic cotton underwear! They’re insanely comfy, cute, and ethically made.

The details…

Pact Apparel (get a 20% discount through this link!) makes organic cotton underwear in 7 different styles, though my faves are the Lace Waist Briefs.

We Found the Best Organic Cotton Underwear (and tees too!)

Their undies are soft, and unlike so many other “pretty” options, they stay in place, with no riding up or moving around (though if you’re into less coverage, the cheeky briefs are pretty cute, too). Hands-down the best organic cotton underwear I’ve purchased.

The underwear all has a touch of elastane for just the right amount of stretch. As much as I like the idea of 100% cotton, a little stretch is so much more comfortable in underwear.

They’re also tag free for comfort, with smooth, flat elastic on the leg openings, to minimize panty lines.

At a little over $10 a pair, Pact’s undies are reasonably priced for organic cotton, and an insanely good deal if you compare them to the dubious sourcing of big brands like VS. And if you do order, make sure you take advantage of the 20% discount offer.

We Found the Best Organic Cotton Underwear (and tees too!)

And about those organic cotton tees…

Pact also makes some pretty nice organic cotton loungewear and tees– for guys as well as girls. I’ve just tried the tees so far, but I have my eye on the leggings as well.

The women’s tees are a nice soft, smooth weave, with a flattering, feminine fit, and just enough structure and detail that you can dress them up. The tees are 100% organic cotton, no polyester or stretchy stuff, which is probably what gives them that hint of structure. Throw a blazer on top of your tee, or wear it to bed, either one works.

Notes on sizing…

The undies and the tees I bought were pretty true to size. They’re not vanity sized, or junior sized, as seems to be an issue so often with women’s-fit tees (don’t get me started on this!). Pact says the fabric is pre-shrunk, and while I did notice a little shrinking (my dryer seems to run hot even on the low setting), it wasn’t enough to be an issue. However, if you’re on the upper edge of a size, or just can’t guarantee washing and drying in low temps (see our post on doing laundry while traveling for some options to keep those undies clean on the road), you might want to consider sizing up.

Pact Organic Cotton Underwear
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